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As a small business owner, you have your hands in every aspect of the company. And that’s a lot. When you feel the need for some accounting guidance, I can help.

My name is Karen McKeon and I’m an accountant. My favorite part of my work is helping small business owners like you get to know and love their books. Yes, that’s possible! I also love working with my clients to figure out the most efficient and beneficial ways to account for their individual business needs.

Head over to my Services page to learn more about my offerings, which can range from specific jobs like monthly upkeep, informational sessions on any accounting topic, or big jobs like cleaning up some confused books. There are lots of ways an accountant like me can get your business on track for growth.

To learn more about my education and background, check out my About page. I’m an accountant, yes, but I’ve also had my own businesses in other fields (bet you can’t guess what they were!?!)

Thank you so much for stopping by. There are eleven hundred ways to make a living, and I can help you account for all of them.