Welcome to the blog

If you had told me last year that I would blog about accounting, I would have told you in colorful language that you were crazy. And here we are.

By its very nature, accounting is boring. I have read other blogs and financial articles and even as someone with an interest in the topic, I think most are hard to get through. I do not consider myself a boring person so that’s one reason why I do want to write about accounting – to make it more digestible.

I believe strongly in education, especially in helping number-averse business owners understand what they are looking at on a financial statement. I want entrepreneurs to grow and thrive and knowing their numbers will help them do that. But its a long road when the terminology is confusing and the concepts start from the middle. I use human language and think I have a knack for explaining stuff in a logical way.

I also really love writing. I wanted to be an English major in college. (long awkward pause…)

The other reason why I decided to blog is that I also enjoy chatting about all kinds of business topics related to entrepreneurship. Those will be included, as well as human topics like who you are and why you are in business and how we can all work together. Take “business as usual” out of your vocabulary and stomp on it. Big NOPE. We are first and foremost people and that should be reflected in our business offerings and practices. We will chat more about it.

In conclusion, let me say, Welcome. And thank you for joining me. This is as much a curiosity for me as it is for you, and I appreciate your willingness to be here.


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