Karen McKeon

Owner & Accountant,

11HundredWays LLC

Hi, I’m Karen, and I help small business owners understand their worth.

One way is quite literal – through organizing a company’s numbers and sharing what exactly those numbers are telling us. When you look at your financials as a whole, there’s a lot of good information to be had to help you make solid business decisions and grow. Let’s dig into it together.

The other way is through challenging the stories we hold around money, math and numbers. We have all arrived at adulthood with ideas we picked up in childhood, in school, in society around money, and most of them are not very positive. It’s so common to witness fear and shame around this topic. But with a little guidance, encouragement, and practice, I know you can have a juicy, loving relationship with your finances! Yes, you! Let me show you how.

My Offerings

Classic Bookkeeping

Online Classes

One-on-one Coaching

Talks for Entrepreneurial Groups

My Background

Freelance Accounting & Coaching at 11HundredWays LLC
(2019 – Present) Portland, OR
Please visit my Services page for more details.

Designer, Metalsmith & Teacher at Right Collection
(2012 – 2018) Reno, NV
I finally pursued a life-long dream of making jewelry! I traveled around the nation to sell at shows, created custom pieces, and taught metalsmith classes. I look forward to setting up shop again someday soon. IG @rightcollection

Chief Strategy Impresario & Writer at red plume marketing
(2009 – 2011) San Francisco, CA
A boutique copywriting firm focused on small creative businesses. My biz partner and I created website copy, brochure materials, presentations, taglines, et al for all kinds of companies (my favorite was the handcrafted vodka).

Project Accountant & CPA at Hines
(2003 – 2009) San Francisco, CA
One of a five-person team handling the accounting for the West Coast Regional Office. There was a LOT of expense reports. So much financial statement work. Loved my coworkers. Truly a stand-out accounting environment.

Other fun things about me: I’m originally from New York, I was an accounting major in college, I’ve lived in six states, and I love coffee, dogs, the ocean, and the number 11.