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Hi, I’m Karen McKeon and I’m an accountant. Thanks for stopping by.

For whatever reason, I found math friendly from my earliest school days. Math club success led me to major in accounting in college, and upon graduation, I worked for a big accounting firm as an auditor. I later transitioned into corporate accounting, handling everything from daily transactions to year-end reporting, and became a CPA in the state of California. What this all means is that I translate high-level financial ideas into everyday practices to help you meet your financial requirements and goals. How does that work? Find out on my Services page.

In between becoming a CPA and today, I ventured off into my own businesses. The first was a copywriting business, where my biz partner and I wrote all kinds of interesting stuff for all kinds of businesses. We wrote websites and marketing materials for a healthcare consultant, a matchmaker, an HVAC company, wellness practitioners and a boutique vodka, to name a few. Although the partnership ended after two years, writing is still a huge love of mine. This creative awakening then led me to metalsmithing, through which I had my own jewelry line and teach classes. Both these entrepreneurial experiences, one in services and one in products, have really enhanced my accounting skills by understanding the small business side more completely.

You can find my full curriculum vitae on LinkedIn.

Right brain or left brain, I love what I do and I love collaborating with people. Head over to the Contact page and let me know what kind of work I can help you with. Excited to chat with you…