Thank you for checking out my Services. Here are some ideas to get you started:

:: 30-Minute Accounting Chat
A lot of times, you just have a few questions that you need answered and want to talk to a real person about it. I offer a phone or video info session for this very thing. You might want to cover accounting issues or Quickbooks questions or even general small business thoughts. I’d love to chat with you – it’s only $35 for 30 minutes.

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:: Catch Up & Clean Up ::
It’s common that time gets away from us, and our books either fall behind or things are categorized in a rush. If you could use some assistance to get caught up and cleaned up, I am happy to help. Actually, I kind of geek out on digging into things and getting to the bottom of a mystery. Based on where you are and where you want to be, I’ll estimate a set number of hours at an hourly rate of $70. And I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the project so we don’t go over budget. My trained accounting eye can help you see things that are missing and suggest methods for the future that will work best for you and your business. Nothing is too messy!

Please note: a rush rate of $90/hour is used if you need your accounting cleaned up within two weeks.

:: Taking Care of Business ::
You have an accounting system up and running, and you understand what’s going on with it, but you don’t have enough time to maintain it properly. You’re looking for someone to complete the regular monthly tasks, as well as review financial statements with you and consult on longer-term plans and goals. Like your own personal Controller. This includes:

  • categorizing daily transactions from your bank accounts & credit cards
  • monthly bank reconciliations
  • invoicing / accounts receivable
  • bill pay / accounts payable
  • amortization or depreciation of assets
  • inventory
  • loan maintenance
  • review of financial statements
  • ideas for a smooth accounting system & smart financial growth
  • coaching on any accounting pieces you want to learn

Pricing for these items is a monthly flat fee, starting at $750/month. We will figure out together the range of work needed and agree upon a set monthly fee.

:: Learn the Ropes ::
As a small business owner, we did not wake up one day and know everything it entails to run a solid business. Accounting is commonly one of those big areas. Maybe you want to learn about one piece of your business (like inventory, or Quickbooks) or you might want to learn everything so you can upkeep your own books. I would love to help you in whatever you need, in as much detail as you’d like. It’s very important to me that you and every small business owner understand your numbers, to help make informed decisions for the future of your business. My teaching style is tailored to you but always gentle and logical with common language and a shot of humor. An education portion can be added to any of the services above, or stand alone. I’d love to help you feel empowered by your numbers!

P.S. – you can also check out my Classes, in case one fits exactly what you are looking for.

If anything here has piqued your interest, please get in touch with me and let’s chat. Use this handy form to send me an email: