Thank you for checking out my Services. Here are some ideas to get you started:

:: 30-Minute Consultation ::
A lot of times, you just have a few questions that you need answered and want to talk to a real person about it. I offer a phone or video info session for this very thing. You might want to cover accounting issues or Quickbooks questions or even general small business thoughts. I’d love to chat with you – it’s only $25 for 30 minutes.

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:: Catch Up & Clean Up ::
It’s common that time gets away from us, and our books either fall behind or things are categorized in a rush. If you could use some assistance to get caught up and cleaned up, I am happy to help. Actually, I kind of geek out on digging into things and getting to the bottom of a mystery. Based on where you are and where you want to be, I’ll estimate a set number of hours at an hourly rate of $75. And I’ll keep you updated on the progress so we don’t go over budget. My trained accounting eye can help you see things that are missing and suggest methods for the future that will work best for you and your business. Nothing is too messy!


:: Monthly Maintenance ::
You have an accounting system up and running, and you would like help with maintaining some or all accounts on a monthly basis. Some common ones include:

      • categorizing daily transactions from your bank accounts & credit cards
      • bank reconciliations
      • invoicing & bill pay
      • amortization or depreciation of assets
      • inventory
      • financial reports

Pricing for these items is a monthly flat fee, ranging from $250 – $1,500. We will figure out together the range of work needed and agree upon a set monthly fee.


:: Set Up a New Accounting System ::
Maybe your current accounting system is a box full of receipts. Maybe it’s a intricate web of spreadsheets. Maybe you have no system at all. No matter, when you feel ready for an official accounting system, let’s get you set up with an online program that works best for you. For $350, here are things we’ll cover:

      • a chart of accounts
      • accounting for your specific type of business, like retail or service
      • integrating your financial accounts, like bank accounts and PayPal
      • integrating your business accounts, like Square, TSheets, Gusto, any others

If you’re not sure what any of this means, not to worry. I will teach you in regular language how these pieces work, and you’ll be working with them in no time. It’s my goal to send you on your way with all the knowledge you need to maintain your books and best utilize your financial information (and, dare I say, maybe even enjoy looking at your books? OK, down the road…)


:: Education ::
It’s very important to me that you, as a small business owner, understand your numbers, to help make informed decisions for the future of your business. I can help you learn the ins and outs of your accounting, in as much detail as you’d like. My teaching style is tailored to you but always gentle and logical with common language and a shot of humor. An education portion can be added to any of the services above, or stand alone. I’d love to help you learn to love your numbers!


If anything here has piqued your interest, please get in touch with me and let’s chat. Use this handy form to send me an email: