Hello, my lovely and creative friend!

I’m reaching out to see if you’d like to join a virtual creative group with me this winter? Based on the old-school stich-n-bitch, Bitchcraft will gather us together to foster community and creativity.

So, wait – what is Bitchcraft?

It is a virtual 90-minute session every two weeks where a bunch of womxn gather to work on their own creative projects, together.

Bring something crafty to work on – it could be a brand new interest for you, or something you’ve been practicing for years. Anything from drawing or knitting to sewing a button back on or painting a piece of furniture, all creative endeavors are welcome. It is a time to just be with other fabulous females and flex your creative muscles! Wish I could take credit for the name, but many groups have come before this one.

Each session starts with introducing yourself and what you’re working on, and then the rest is up to you. Your moderator (that’s me!) will introduce the theme for that session, talk on it a few minutes, and then the room is open. It’s up to you how much you want to participate in discussion or just enjoy being with other amazing ladies in a creative space. Also up to you if you want to incorporate the session’s theme into your work that day.

More details, please…

Sure! So the sessions will occur every two weeks, on the first and third (and fifth) Tuesday of each month at 5:30-7:00 PM Pacific Time. This is drop-in style – please attend when you can. These are the upcoming days for the remainder of this year:

November 17 (that’s this week!)
December 1
December 15
December 29

To participate, you will need to sign up to the email list (use the handy button, below) so you can receive the session info, such as the meetup link, the theme and a playlist. This will be emailed to you the Sunday before the Tuesday session. This time around, since this notice is going out so close to the session date, I’ll be sure the details get to you all the way up until the session on Tuesday – so don’t hesitate to sign up the eleventh hour!

At the start of each session, the moderator will ask each person to introduce themselves and share what she is working on. The moderator will then chat for a few minutes on the theme for that session. It may start a discussion, it may inform your creation that night, it may fizzle. Who knows how this is going to work?!? You are welcome to join in conversation or sit and create with the community, so you choose participation level. Please come as you are, with your darkness and light, and be welcomed in to create and commune.

Any human indentifying as a woman is welcome. I’m starting this with a handful of friends but please invite any other goddess in your life that you feel will enjoy this. And any age, too – from young daughters to your grandma are invited! I can’t guarantee that the language will be clean but I do know that it’s so freaking powerful when women gather together.

What’s the inspiration behind this?

Three main reasons:

1. Winter
Honestly, I’m a bit worried about how dreary this winter will be as we continue to social distance. It feels like we need community more than ever, especially as the sun sets earlier and the weather gets wetter. Let’s create a cozy, warm space for ourselves, together.

2. Creation
I find it hard to carve out creative time for myself, even though I know how nourishing it is to my soul. Creativity unlocks hidden parts of us, allows us to express ourselves, offers a sense of purpose, and brings out our playful side. I certainly could use more of all that. How about you?

I also could use some accountability. I want to work on creative projects but usually falter without a container, like a deadline or an accountability partner. Please help me.

3. Women
One truth I know deep in my bones is that magic happens when women gather. The world shifts and we strengthen each other. After this fucking year-to-date, let’s join forces and witness how powerful we are.

So what now?

The first session is this Tuesday, November 17 at 5:30 PM PT. I really hope you can make it! The info for the call will be sent to you via email on Sunday (for this first session, you’ll get the info as late as the session time on Tuesday) so be sure to sign up for the email list, using the button below.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach me at or at 415-509-3257.

Cheers to crafting our world together!

~ Karen