Does this sound like you?

  • you have a good handle on your numbers – in your head. You’re ready to get your books looking as professional as the rest of your business
  • your business is growing and you’d like solid numbers at your fingertips to help you make solid decisions
  • you want to get on more friendly terms with your financial statements, and really understand what they are telling you
  • you are ready to delegate this work so you can spend more time on your core business genius
  • you’d like a reliable, knowledgeable accountant as part of your core team, someone you can chat with about money matters, strategize with for the future, and know this person cares about your business

There are a lot of pieces to keeping your business finances healthy, so we’ll create a plan together for what you’d like help with. It usually includes weekly-to-monthly things like paying vendors, invoicing customers, categorizing bank activity, booking inventory, and reviewing financial statements. It would also include year end activities, like sending out 1099s, making sure items are booked in the proper year and prepping things for your tax person.

What really gets me jazzed is helping a client with her whole accounting system, from the basics of bookkeeping to the higher level planning and strategizing. That comprehensive view allows me to tap into all my experience and bring you true full-service accounting help. I would like to be part of your core business team, a partner you can rely on for solid work and business insight.

For that reason, I partner with small businesses looking for well-rounded accounting help and a strong working relationship. My specialty is product-based businesses, especially when it involves multiple methods of income (e-commerce sites, POS system, brick-and-mortar, etc.) and my personal favorites are artists & creatives, beauty products, coffee, and really any food and beverage product. (♫ These are a few of my favorite things… )

If this sounds like a good fit, let’s chat. Click the button below to directly set up a free 20-minute intro call with me. I’m looking forward to learning more about your business and your goals.