Classes + Blog :: Coming Summer 2022

Create your own group class with me!

If you are involved with an entrepreneurial group – specific to your industry, a local group, or a nationwide organization – I would love to speak on any accounting topics your audience desires. In 2022, it’ll be a virtual or hopefully an in-person session.

Whether your group is new to accounting topics, or deep into business, we can have a lively chat about numbers and answer loads of questions in real time. It’s my goal to take the mystery and fear out of numbers so entrepreneurs can thrive in their businesses.

Some of the most popular topics include:

  • creating a reasonable accounting system for your business :: what main things need to be done, how often, what tools, best practices
  • demystifying financial statements :: what are these numbers, what do they mean, how can they be used for biz planning
  • budgeting & forecasting for the year
  • cash flow versus profit and loss
  • an open Q&A session, because sometimes you have one or two questions you’d really love to ask a professional (and usually, someone else has the same question)

I am flexible in the kind of session you’d like to have – it can be a typical classroom/interactive setting, it can be a webinar/lecture; it can be on a podcast, or with a small group, or a large audience.

Accounting is usually a complex and rather boring topic, and that is why I love speaking on it. I break things down with regular language, with heart, and with a shot of humor because your business numbers should be illuminating. I am warm and approachable and will put your audience at ease while passing along great knowledge!

Contact me using the handy form (below) to chat about your idea and how I can help: