Do you ever wish you had a professional hotline that you can just reach out to to get a handful of questions answered? That’s what this is, with a friendly & knowledgeable voice on the other side.

You can choose between a 30- or 60-minute session and book directly to my calendar right now! There is no further obligation to work with me, and I’m here for a chat whenever you have questions.

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

These links allow you book an appointment right now directly in my calendar, and you can change the time up to 2 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time. A 30-minute session is $50, and a 60-minute session is $100.

If you still have questions before wanting to sign up, please hop over to my Contact page and let’s chat.

“Karen’s expertise and knowledge is top of the line.
She took the overwhelm away by simplifying some key strategic planning necessary to grow my business.”

Best used for:

  • cutting through the overwhelm of starting a new accounting system
  • talking through the financial side of a big business move like purchasing equipment, expanding production, et al
  • reading your financial statements and what they’re telling you
  • understanding the workings of a system like Quickbooks
  • tackling a handful of seemingly unrelated questions
  • working on a specific sticky spot of your biz
  • whatever accounting-related questions you may have

Talking about money can be a little scary but Karen broke down things in an easy-to-follow, no-pressure format.